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Online ReikiĀ classes LIVE with Teresa are available now. ON-DEMAND Reiki classes orĀ a combination of both comingĀ in the near future.

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Kinesiology Classes

Learn muscle testing, a biofeedback tool which uncovers underlying stress behind energetic, physical, and emotional blocks.

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Unlock your potential with Flexible Online Courses: Study and learn at your preferredĀ pace and timeĀ 

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At Zen Flow Wellness,

our goal is to empower you on your healing journey by providing you with the tools, information, and skills you need to shine your brightest. We emphasize a variety of healing methods and work closely with you to find the ones that truly speak to your soul. During our sessions and classes, we not only aim to facilitate healing but also to teach you how to continue creating positive energy in your life on an on-going basis. Let'sĀ start this journey together towards a brighter, more vibrant you!

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Welcome!Ā I'm Teresa.

Ā Founder of Zen Flow Wellness

I've been utilizing my love of energy work and teaching for a combinedĀ 25Ā years. Join me on this rewarding adventure and discover what energy medicine can do for you.


What can you expect from an Online Reiki Center course?

Real-world benefits and applications

Additional training resources

A certificate upon completion


Rumy M.

"Teresa is an extremely kind person and her kindness shows through her teaching...[she] touched my heart. It is so refreshing to have a teacher who is open and truly respects her students."

Charmaine E.

"Excellent, meaningful, helpful class with an expert, fantastic instructor!"

Angie M.

"I really loved Teresa's class and feel blessed I was able to take it. I would recommend her class to anyone seriously interested in learning Reiki."

Leslie B.

"So wonderful! Instruction was wonderfully done. Teresa is an excellent teacher! I also greatly appreciated her patience and supportive nurturance. The content was life-changing and healing as well as satisfying and inspiring." 

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DISCLAIMER: Teresa Jantz does not diagnose medical conditions. Her work is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

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