Free Online Student Attunements (Reiju)

Reiki students are invited to participate in a FREE quarterly attunement. We meet via Zoom every equinox or solstice when the energies are at their peak. It is a beautiful time for us to connect and share the wonderful, powerful Reiki energies.

If you have taken a Reiki class with someone other than Teresa, no worries. Please take a picture of your latest Reiki certificate and send it to [email protected]. Teresa will verify your Reiki level and then send you the appropriate information to attend.

Sign up to receive the Zoom link information and reminders to attend by completing the form below.

I hope you join us!


March 20, 2023               Monday             Spring Equinox

June 21, 2023                Wednesday         Summer Solstice

September 23, 2023       Saturday           Autumn Equinox

December 21, 2023       Thursday            Winter Solstice 


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Teresa Jantz Online Reiki Center
Online student attunement


"I love these events - I always feel so much energy, and I believe that my Reiki energy gets replenished in a special way. :) - Rumy M.