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Animal Reiki

Welcome! The Animal Reiki journey is a very rewarding experience where we learn valuable lessons from our animal friends. Through these classes and courses, our relationships with our animal companions are further enhanced and a deeper mutual understanding is developed.

Learn the fundamentals and more while working with the animal kingdom.


Teresa Jantz
Online animal Reiki master class

Let's learn together...

and continue this beautiful journey! Animals are so pure with no hidden agenda. Energy is their language, and they're thrilled when people respect and honor them. Animal Reiki energy is an energy in and of itself. Animal Reiki heals both Reiki practitioners and animals alike.

Animal Reiki 1 & 2

LIVE Online Animal Reiki 1 & 2 Classes


Do you feel called to support animals and their caregivers? Do you want to further your healing and connection to the animal kingdom?


During the 1-day class, you will:

  • receive Animal Reiki Attunements 1 & 2¬†
  • become a qualified Animal Reiki practitioner
  • receive two Animal Reiki symbols
  • work with animals in real-time on Zoom
  • learn animal Reiki benefits
  • discuss situations to use Animal Reiki
  • review Reiki fundamentals
  • learn Reiki treatment guidelines with animals' chakras


This Animal Reiki 1 & 2 class is a great fit if you want to:

  • communicate more effectively with animals
  • perform Animal Reiki on domestic, farm, and wild animals with expertise
  • enhance your Reiki skills
  • connect heart-to-heart with your animal companions
  • learn important lessons that animals can teach us
  • empower animals, caregivers, and yourself


While this class is open to all Reiki lineages, you must have taken (pre-requisite) Human Reiki Levels 1 & 2 to register.





December 6, 2024


Classes are held via Zoom 9 am - 5 pm Mountain Time

Animal Reiki master class

LIVE Online Animal Reiki Master Classes


Do you love animals and want the best for their well-being? Are you ready to learn from our animal kingdom friends?


In this 2-day class, you will:

  • learn additional skills to heal and work with animals using Animal Reiki
  • receive three Attunements to the Animal Reiki energy
  • review and be attuned to two symbols used with Animal Reiki energy
  • learn about your unique Animal Totem
  • become qualified to teach Animal Reiki 1 & 2 and Animal Reiki Master classes


This Master class is a great fit if you want to:

  • deepen your experience, knowledge, and communion with animals
  • learn additional practitioner and Animal Reiki healing tools
  • have hands-on practice time every day in class
  • teach Animal Reiki 1 & 2, as well as Animal Reiki Master level classes, both online and in-person
  • know what¬†to consider¬†during different animal Reiki sessions
  • advance your telepathic communication skills with your animal friends


This class is open to all Reiki lineages but you must have taken (pre-requisite) Animal Reiki 1 & 2 and Human Reiki Master level to register.



December 7-8, 2024


Classes are held via Zoom 9 am - 5 pm Mountain Time each day.

Animal Reiki Classes

Please choose the suitable class level and date from the options below for your registration.

Animal Reiki 1 & 2

Live Online September 16, 2023 9am - 5pm  MT

$325.00 USD



"I think the Animal Reiki and new symbols are going to help me develop further. I have already felt energy and emotions stir up since the class. I am sure this will continue to develop. The symbols have also popped into my head randomly throughout the day."



"The in-depth discussion/information about how Reiki works with animals [was great], especially since communication with animals is challenging at the best of times. When animals are sick or suffering, Reiki is such a great gift to be able to share with them."

Kim E.


"I am so grateful for Teresa and the option to study Reiki and receive the attunements remotely, yet I would love to do in-person training sessions as soon as we can."

Kim E.


"[Being] hands-on with a dog virtually and to see how he changed [was amazing]. It was like he could hear me asking him to lay down, and when it was over, he came and wagged his tail while looking into the camera. That was so cool to see that even [via] long-distance, it worked."

Lola H.


"I love the calming energy I receive from Teresa and my classmates. And I love learning new things about Reiki."

Angie Marei

If you learn best by going at your own pace, check out our On-Demand Animal Reiki Courses, created by Teresa.


What you will learn in Teresa's On-Demand Animal Reiki courses:

  • How to make heart-to-heart connections with any animal
  • Lots of practical tips on how to increase your understanding of your animal’s “language”
  • Animals’ innate knowing of energy
  • How to use Reiki energy so your animal companions always feel in control
  • Learn and be attuned to 2 new Animal Reiki symbols
  • In-depth ways to communicate with animals telepathically
  • Japanese Reiki techniques
  • Distance Animal Reiki sessions
  • ‚ÄčPractice using your Inner Eye and senses
  • Treatment guidelines for animals
  • Focusing and connecting techniques
  • Special questions to ask animals
  • Animal Reiki guidelines

Course Fees:

$227 On-Demand Animal Reiki 1 & 2 Course

$325 On-Demand Animal Reiki Master Course

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